Rumors: an early build of GTA VI appeared on the network - the first gameplay and game details

Today, the network has perhaps the largest leak in recent memory. We are talking about information regarding GTA VI, which is officially in development.

On the Grand Theft Auto GTAforums community forum, a user named teapotuberhacker posted a link leading to GTA VI media files. Dozens of videos on the upcoming long-term construction turned out to be in the public domain, and later tens of thousands of lines of code were added to them.

From the data leaked to the network, we received confirmation that the new GTA will indeed have several playable characters: a woman and a man. Information about the location of GTA VI was also confirmed - the main events will unfold in the updated Vice City.

Naturally, the drain may turn out to be a "duck", but Jason Schreier adds weight to it. The journalist says that he has not yet contacted the authors of the leaks, but the scale of the information hints at its authenticity.


Recall that confirmation of the development of GTA VI appeared in July this year. The flagship is planned to be released no earlier than 2024, and Rockstar themselves are expanding the development staff with might and main for new tasks.