Maybe accused of racist insults

Lu Yao called parents of one of Weibo users «a foreign horse and a white pig». This statement is one of the most spread insults in China. Screenshots with his words were posted on reddit.

Maybe shared his thought that the Chinese should transfer to All Pick mode, calling it a way to expand heroes pool. Random Draft, which is supposed to be the most popular in China, has only 50 available heroes for picking.

One of Weibo users opposed to the Chinese calling this way useless. He said the following:

«If we play All Pick in China, everybody will take 20 the most popular heroes. Do you remember how Wings won TI6 and how we lost grand finals of TI7 and TI8? Are you waiting for another Chinese organization from public to win TI? Or do you believe that semiprofessional players can do it with a pool of 4-5 heroes?».

The response of Lu ‘Somnus丶’ Yao was the following:

«Your foreign dad plays AP, and upon that he has 200 heroes in the pool. As for us, the Chinese players who use RD, — only 20. Is your mother a foreign horse or is your dad a white pig?».

After that the opponent of Maybe told the Chinese esportsman that he shouldn't go in for such statements due to his being a media person. On the Chinese forum SGamer, 93% voted for banning Maybe from Valve.

During the last two years the player of PSG.LGD became the fourth person who got involved in a huge scandal because of racist insults. In June last year MinD_ContRoL expressed his hatred towards the Russian, in November Kuku insulted the Chinese at a public game which resulted in him skipping The Chongqing Major 2019 and WESG 2018.

The third case appeared after one of the players of OG, Ceb, playing in public, insulted a Russian speaking player and after that Solo announced that he would not perform at EPICENTER Major 2019, if Valve didn't settle the situation down. Ceb made public apologies again and again and also donated his prize money from EPICENTER Major 2019 to charity. This conflict was sorted out and Solo and Ceb agreed with Valve that there will be a set of rules made which obliges esportsmen to abstain from similar situations, however they need some time to do it.