‘Dota 2’ Introduces Street Fighter-Style Fighting Game in Crownfall Act 3 Update

The highly anticipated third act of the Dota 2 Crownfall event has finally been released, bringing an exciting new Street Fighter-style fighting game to the Dota client.

New Overworld Map and Story Progression

Released overnight, Act Three continues the epic Crownfall storyline that has captivated players for months. This update features a brand-new overworld map to explore, complete with the usual array of cosmetics and narrative elements. Additionally, a new comic has been added to further advance the story.

Collector's Cache Lootbox

Act Three also introduces a new collector's cache lootbox, containing cosmetic items that received the most votes in the recent community voting round. Some of these sets are so impressive that Valve has added a new arcana slot for both Juggernaut and Pudge. This allows players to equip their hero’s arcana item alongside other sets, enabling the use of rare drops from the cache with the arcana.

Street Fighter-Style Mini-Game

‘Dota 2’ Introduces Street Fighter-Style Fighting Game in Crownfall Act 3 Update 1

The standout addition in Act Three is a Street Fighter-style mini-game available within the Dota 2 client. Players can choose from five heroes: Marci, Bristleback, Tusk, Vengeful Spirit, and Dawnbreaker. Once a fighter is selected, players are matched against other characters in a 2D fighting game. Despite being a mini-game, it appears to have considerable depth, leading many to call for it to be developed into a standalone game. This move is seen by some as Valve’s response to Riot Games' upcoming fighting game, 2XKO, set to launch next year.

Event Duration and Future Updates

Though the mini-game is a temporary feature tied to the Crownfall event, the entire event will run until October, giving players ample time to enjoy and complete the meta game. Due to previous delays, the final act is expected to release in mid to late August, allowing more time for players to engage with all the content.

‘Dota 2’ Introduces Street Fighter-Style Fighting Game in Crownfall Act 3 Update 2

No Gameplay Balance Changes

This update did not include any gameplay balance changes, which is unsurprising given that a small patch was released just a few days ago. Pro players are still determining the best heroes to use at the top level, making the lack of balance changes a minor issue for now.

Experience the new features and continue the adventure in Dota 2’s Crownfall Act Three today!