Serious Vulnerability Discovered in Dota 2 Affecting Matchmaking Results

A significant vulnerability has been discovered in Dota 2 that is impacting matchmaking game results. Reports about this issue have surfaced on social media and Reddit. According to various sources, this widespread bug is related to illusions and is being actively exploited by malicious players. Examples of the bug affecting Warlock, Phantom Lancer, and Meepo have been shared online.

Warlock and Phantom Lancer Exploit

One instance of the bug involves Warlock’s Black Grimoire. To trigger this exploit, a player controlling Phantom Lancer needs to temporarily leave the match. During this time, Warlock takes control of Phantom Lancer and summons illusions. When these Phantom Lancer copies die, additional Black Grimoires appear in their place. This allows the team with Warlock and Phantom Lancer to exploit and gain extra experience.


Meepo Exploit

Another variation of the bug involves Meepo. As described on Reddit and shown in game recordings, a Meepo player needs to temporarily leave the match. To exploit this vulnerability, Meepo must have the Pack Rat talent selected and an additional item slot occupied by Manta Style. After the player disconnects, an ally takes control of Meepo and summons illusions. This results in extra Manta Style copies, which can be sold for gold, while the original artifact remains with Meepo.


These exploits are causing significant issues in matchmaking, and the community is actively discussing potential fixes and the impact on gameplay.