Valve Ignites the Dota 2 Arena with Thrilling Dota Plus Season Update

In the early hours of March 6th, Valve introduced a seasonal refresh for Dota Plus, bringing a slew of updates that include a new treasure trove, revamped guild challenges, rewards, and beyond.

This latest treasure features exclusive sets for characters such as Disruptor, Dark Willow, Spectre, Chaos Knight, Doom, Earth Spirit, Underlord, and Nyx Assassin. Additionally, there's an opportunity for players to score a rare courier, Sir Molestach Irondrill, adorned with two precious gems.Moreover, Valve has launched "Dota Lab," a playground for experimental features awaiting player testing. This initiative currently offers a full-screen map view, a dedicated action filter button, and an enhanced health bar for better visibility.Data miners have uncovered that this season is set to extend until June 3rd, deviating from the previous end date of June 1st. The rationale behind this extension remains undisclosed, with Valve yet to confirm the official conclusion date of the season.