Valve Tweaks Dota 2 Ban System: Overplus Adjusts to New Matchmaking Rules!

Valve's Dota 2 team, led by developer Jeff Hill, recently introduced a significant update to the game's ban system, affecting how it integrates with the matchmaking process. With this change, players are no longer able to modify their ban preferences while waiting in a lobby; instead, adjustments must be made between gaming sessions.

Hill explained that a recent update to the game's coordination system was designed to address this issue. Although players can still alter their bans at any moment via the client, these changes will not be reflected in matchmade lobbies once a player has joined. However, for practice lobbies and other types of non-matchmade gatherings, bans will update instantly as before.


Following the introduction of Dota 2's revamped ban system, the team at Overplus discovered a workaround that enabled their software to continue recommending bans automatically once the game identifies the opposing team. This adaptation showcases the ongoing tug-of-war between game developers and third-party software creators in the esports arena.