Team Secret advance to the Grand Final of The International 2022: Western Europe Qualifier thanks to the victory over Team Liquid

The penultimate match of the European Qualifiers at The International 2022 has ended. As part of the final of the lower bracket,Team LiquidfacedTeam Secretfor the right to advance to the grand final of the qualifiers. The match took place on three tense maps, and we will tell you about the results of the meeting below.

The first map started with domination by Secret, the team took FB and the next two kills, and continued to crush opponents. Despite the fact that the Liquids equalized in the mid game, Puppey and the team won significantly on gold, thanks to which they easily took Roshan. The situation turned around after 40 minutes, the Secret successfully took two sides from the opponents, but lost an important fight, as a result of which Team Liquid took Aegis and returned the lost advantage. Then an even game began, Team Secret tried to enter the opponents' base twice, but both times Liquid successfully defended, as a result, the teams hit the farm in order to knock out neutral items of the 5th tier. The decisive fight took place at the 69th minute, as a result of which Team Liquid were able to win with a score of 37-33.

The second map started more calmly, FB was taken by the Liquid players at the 6th minute in the mid lane, to which the Secret ones immediately responded. Then the standard exchange of keels began, without any advantage of one of the parties. After 20 minutes, Team Secret began to gain momentum. The team made several kills, which allowed them to take Roshan and take the lead in gold. The domination continued after 30 minutes, Puppey and the team again took Aegis and had a successful fight, which allowed them to earn a 24k lead in gold. The decisive skirmish took place at 42 minutes, and it ended with the victory of Team Secret, as a result of which they finished the match with a score of 33-19.

The last map started with FB in the second minute from Team Liquid, to which the Secret immediately responded. Then a series of small skirmishes began, from which the Liquids often came out victorious, but the situation was equal in terms of gold. After 30 minutes, the kill situation was flat 23-20, but Puppey and the team took the gold lead by 7k and continued their dominance by taking Roshan. Then the teams began to play more restrainedly, not risking unnecessary fights, so another 15 minutes passed, until at the 50th minute Team Secret decided to go to the opponent's base. As a result of a long brawl, the Secret managed to finish the match in the 55th minute, with a score of 34-32.

As a result of the match, Team Liquid finish their performance in the tournament in 3rd place and go to Singapore for the Last Chance Qualifier. In turn, Team Secret go to the grand final, where today they will face Entity for the right to have the only ticket to the upcoming The International.

Recall that The International 2022: Western Europe Qualifier takes place from September 13th to 17th in an online format. The 12 strongest teams in Western Europe are fighting for a direct invite to The International 2022, as well as two tickets to the Last Chance Qualifier.