Polaris Esports will fight T1 for reaching the grand finals of the qualifiers for The International 2022

The semi-final of the lower bracket as part of the qualification for The International 2022 in Southeast Asia has come to an end. Polaris Esports proved to be better than their opponents on two maps and ended their performance in the qualifying round for the main Dota 2 tournament this year.

On the first map Polaris bet on Faceless Void and in the meantime put Lina on the middle lane. The esportsmen showed an excellent performance and as a result the first map was won in 41 minutes with a score of 38-23 in favor of Polaris Esports. Mider played with a score of 11-7-11, but the team's carry became the MVP of this match, finishing the match with 10-1-21 statistics.

The second map became too painful for RSG Esports. The latter for 42 minutes could not do anything with their rivals, and the dominance of Polaris Esports was more like a game of cat and mouse than an interesting exciting game. Carry, the mid and offlaner who performed on Morphling, Batrider and Undying, had fun as much as they could. Team Natsumi's top killer finished the map with no deaths at 15-0-12. The score of his teammates, namely the mid and offlaner, was 11-2-21 and 16-2-17 respectively.

For the entire time of the game on the second map, RSG representatives barely managed to get 6 kills, and Polaris Esports put an end to this confrontation in the 42nd minute, leaving behind their rivals by 40,000 net worth.

As a result, RSG stopped their attempts to break into The International 2022, finishing their performance one step away from getting to at least the Last Chance Qualifier. The team took 4th place in the standings, and Polaris, in turn, has already reached the top 3 and secured a trip to the tournament at least as a participant in the previously mentioned Last Chance Qualifier.

In addition to Polaris, T1 previously entered there, which players from Polaris will now have to face in the final of the lower bracket, as well as Talon Esports, who made it to the final.

The qualifying round for The International 2022 in Southeast Asia runs from 13 to 17 September. 13 teams fought for their place in the top 3. The top three have already been determined, and Talon Esports, T1 and Polaris Esports are still in the race for a direct invite to The International 2022.