RNG and Xtreme Gaming will travel to Singapore for The International 2022

In the midst of the last qualifiers in China before The International, we got to know the first two participants who will go to Singapore, regardless of the final places.

Royal Never Give Up got an easy win over Aster Aries (2-0) in the top stack semi-finals. Now Somnus and the team will be able to go to the main tournament even if they don't win the regional qualifiers.

Xtreme Gaming defeated CDEC in the second round of the upper bracket semi-finals (2-0), and will also be able to go to The International 2022 in two ways, as a direct qualifier winner, or to the LCQ.

Recall that The International 2022: China Qualifier runs from September 8th to 12th. The top 13 teams in China are fighting for a single invite to The International 2022, as well as two tickets to the Last Chance Qualifier.