The situation in North America before the start of the second day of qualifiers for The International 2022

The second gaming day starts today as part of The International 2022: North America Qualifier. For a better understanding of what is happening in the region, we will recall how the matches of the first game day went.

The teams got away with no surprises. The victories were won by the clubs that showed the best results at the regional level during the season, while the opponents that performed worse all year went to the lower bracket to fight for survival in qualifying.

Results of the first matches of The International 2022: North America Qualifier:

The most uninteresting was the confrontation involving YawaR and the team. Soniqs easily defeated felt, who took last place in the DPC NA 2021/2022 Tour 3: Division I. Wildcard Gaming and The Cut showed a real battle on the first bo3 map of the series. After 61 minutes of active play in Dota 2, Wildcard Gaming won. Sammyboy and the team soon doubled their tally in the series. In the rest of the fights, the nominal favorites also prevailed, we are talking about 5RATFORCESTAFF and nouns.

Today we are waiting for knockout matches in the lower bracket. We will find out the names of the first 4 teams that will leave the qualification.

Recall that The International 2022: North America Qualifier takes place from September 8 to 12 of this year in an online format. The top 12 teams in North America that did not qualify for the World Championship based on DPC points are battling it out for the only slot in The International 2022 main stage. The 2nd and 3rd place finishers will advance to the Last Chance Qualifier.

We continue to follow the qualifiers for The International 2022 together with EGW!