EcNart became a Team Empire Hope player

It became known that at the EGB Arena of Blood championship Team Empire Hope representatives will perform in an updated lineup - Sergey "EcNart" Slobodyanik took the place of Ivan "Kidaro" Bondarev at the base. The reasons for this decision are unknown, but the latest results of the team left much to be desired.

Current Team Empire Hope roster:

Eugene "tatakae" Repin
Alexander "lightless" Potapenko
Alexey "Mastery" Vinchevsky
Jama "jAMES" Abdurashitov
Sergey "EcNart" Slobodyanik

Note that the newcomer to the team, Sergey "EcNart" Slobodyanik, is known for his performances for MEGA-LADA E-Sports, Comanche and SFTe-sports, and he achieved the greatest success in the ranks of Aachen City Esports.