New Arcana Bundle Coming Soon to Dota 2?

After an update with fantasy leagues appeared in Dota 2, dataminers found hints in the lines of the game code for the release of new items of rarity Arcana. Probably a new Arcana set will be released for Drow Ranger.

In addition to new things, the Dota 2 developers can add a new event to the title. Dataminers suggest that the return of the "Aghanim's Labyrinth" awaits the players. According to the miners of information from the game files, in the second part of "Aghanim's Labyrinth", Sand King and a boss will appear under the working title Primal Beast.

It is possible that the update may be released on November 25th. Datamines have theorized that Valve's recent phrase about a “special culinary puzzle” may refer to a holiday turkey dish that is cooked in the United States for Thanksgiving. The holiday is celebrated on the 25th.

At the end of 2020, dataminers have already found the name of the Primal Beast hero. At that time, the character had some abilities that fit into three lines of the game code.

A recent update to Dota 2 has allowed players to assemble various lineups in the Fantasy League for the 2021/2022 Dota Pro Circuit season. For the successful performance of their wards, users will receive various awards.