OG introduced the team captain

The OG team introduced the captain of the new roster. The IGL will be performed by Misha, who has been training the team since June 2021.

"It is quite rare to find people so competent in many areas. Misha is a fantastic Dota player as well as a smart leader," said N0tail.

The 24-year-old Russian joined OG as a coach this summer. However, during this period, the team did not manage to achieve significant heights, taking 7th-8th place in The International 2021.

However, up to this point, Misha managed to play in such teams as Team Spirit, Ninjas in Pajamas and Natus Vincere, being remembered for the intermediate successes at the TIER-2 level.

Recall that after a disastrous season, OG decided to change the roster. In particular, SumaiL and Saksa players left the team, as well as Sockshka's assistant coach. At the same time, Ceb ended his professional career, while N0tail and Topson put their careers on pause.

The current roster of OG is as follows: