OG has confirmed the roster for the new season

Team OG have confirmed their roster for the 2021/22 DPC season. Following the captain's introduction, the team presented the final list of players who will represent the organization's colors at the upcoming tournaments. Representatives of the organization noted that they deliberately assembled a roster of young and promising players.

The team captain will be Misha, who previously led OG at The International 2021. The first position will be taken by Yuragi, who played for Team Unique during the previous season. Along with him, Taiga, who recently left Team Liquid, joined the team, as well as ATF and Biziem, who previously played for Creepwave.

Recall that after a disastrous season, OG decided to change the roster. In particular, SumaiL and Saksa players left the team, as well as Sockshka's assistant coach. At the same time, Ceb ended his professional career, while N0tail and Topson put their careers on pause.

It is reported that OG will host a bootcamp in Lisbon. N0tail will be with a team in Portugal to help provide direction and support.

OG's roster for the new season is as follows: