Somnus and xNova could be in Team Aster

There were a lot of rumors about Somnus' transition to Team Aster, but there was information that xNova could be there with him. However, all this "collapsed" after the announcement of Ori.

Regarding xNova, the other day on Twitter he announced the search for a team, and Somnus, it seems, was in talks with Royal Never Give Up. It is worth noting that there was also a rumor about a new star team from China, where: Somnus, fy, old eLeVeN and xNova. Most likely, Team Aster just the other day made a decision about xNova and Somnus, as the Malaysian very spontaneously announced his search for a team. Aster found a better option than xNova.

It is not yet confirmed whether LaNm will continue to play for Team Aster or change his role and become a coach, as it is quite an age game.

Team Aster roster at the moment