Team Aster without LaNm will start a new DPC 2021/2022

Team Aster has formed a roster for the upcoming DPC season, LaNm is returning to the role of coach, and White Album is sent to Aster.Aries. Aster's newcomers are Siamese.C from the youth roster of Aster.Aries, as well as Ori from Vici Gaming.

Siamese.C is a 25-year-old player who has played for Team MAX, DeathBringer, KG.Luminous, Keen Gaming and Aster.Aries during his career. Over a 3-year career as a professional player, he earned just over $ 14,000.

We will see the new Team Aster roster in the first division of DPC 2021/2022 China. At the last The International 10, "Aster" took 13-16 place and earned $ 600,300 per team.

New roster of Team Aster

- Monet - Ori - Xxs - Borax - Siamese.C