Insider Reveals Possible Valve Fighting Game Project

Insider Gabe Follower has shared intriguing information about a long-anticipated Valve project, revealing that the company has been working on a fighting game. However, he provided no further details, leaving room for speculation about whether the title is still in development or has been canceled. This information was shared on X.


Gabe Follower has a mixed track record with his predictions but was the primary source of rumors about CS2 before its release. While he mainly focuses on datamining Counter-Strike, he has also shared insights about other Valve games, such as Dota 2 and the recently reported title, Deadlock.

Valve has a history of abandoning projects, but there have been no previous reports about a fighting game. Many fans are eager to see a crossover fighting game featuring characters from various Valve franchises, such as Dota 2 or Half-Life. A fictional title, Valve Tag Battle, even imagines such a game. Meanwhile, their competitor in the esports world, Riot Games, is set to release its own fighting game, 2XKO, in 2025.