Zonic expressed satisfaction with the Falcons roster, noting that assembling it was no easy task

The head coach of the Falcons team from CS2, Danny "Zonic" Sorensen, shared his experience of the challenges he faced in forming the roster, and also expressed his assessment of the team's potential.

However, considering my past experience, this is definitely not the approach I'm taking. Building synergy within the team and forging our own distinct style of play is a process that requires time and effort.

Joining Falcons in November was a pivotal moment for me, and the challenges encountered in assembling a competitive roster have only fueled my determination. Many teams hesitated to part ways with their players just two months before the Major cycle and the first Major with CS2. Negotiating with these teams was a test of patience and persistence.

The belief that Falcons from Saudi Arabia might be willing to pay two to four times more for a player was a shared sentiment among the teams we engaged with. It showcased the level of commitment and investment Falcons is ready to make to establish a formidable presence in the competitive scene.

As we move forward, I am confident in the substantial potential our roster holds. We've curated a lineup from players of the two best teams in 2023 – ENCE and Vitality. While I unequivocally believe that we have what it takes to emerge victorious in tournaments, it's essential to acknowledge the need for a period of adjustment.

My inaugural year, both with Astralis and Vitality, was an incredibly challenging journey. Understanding each other's playstyles and preferences is fundamental. Our objective is not to replicate the style of Vitality or ENCE but to cultivate a distinctive Falcons' approach to the game.

In conclusion, my ambitions for this lineup are grand, but expecting instant success would be overly optimistic. I remain committed to the long-term vision, striving to build a resilient team that can consistently compete at the highest level. The challenges ahead are opportunities for growth, and I am eager to see how we evolve as a unit in the competitive arena.