Work is in full swing: developers continue to test game mechanics on Source 2

According to dataminer Gabe Follower, Valve continues to work on the transition of CS:GO to the Source 2 engine. Currently, the developers are testing game mechanics on maps for the Source 2 version of the game.

The source also managed to find out that the transfer of CS: GO to the new engine is carried out by a person who previously took an active part in the development of locations for Half-Life: Alyx, the latest game released on the Source 2 engine.

However, all information that is somehow connected with the transition of the game to a new engine should be treated with skepticism. The first rumors about the transition of CS:GO to Source 2 appeared five years ago. During this time, insiders shared various information about the activity of developers. At the same time, dataminers have repeatedly found confirmation of the transfer of CS:GO to a modern engine.

In addition to information about the work of specialists on the transfer, Gabe Follower said that he found indirect confirmation of Valve's plans to launch CS:GO on Source 2 in parallel with the current version of the game. According to the dataminer, the developers went to the beta version in the public client to test the game coordinator for compatibility.

Similar information was previously shared by insider Tyler McVicker, who was the first to talk about Valve's intentions to split CS:GO into two separate parts, depending on the engine. According to him, by doing so, the developers want to get more time for full testing.