Sledgehammer Games Responds to Fans' Requests for Cyber Attack in Modern Warfare 3

Sledgehammer Games has acknowledged fans' requests to add the Cyber Attack mode to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. While the development team has started working on bringing this game mode to the latest entry in the Call of Duty franchise, they cannot guarantee its release. Modern Warfare 3 continues the success of the Modern Warfare series, and Sledgehammer Games has shown significant support for the title, prompting fans to ask for the return of the beloved mode from the previous two Modern Warfare games.

Cyber Attack, introduced in 2019's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, quickly became a favorite among players. The mode is similar to Sabotage and Search and Destroy, tasking players with retrieving an EMP device and planting it near the enemy's Data Center. In Cyber Attack, players do not respawn and must be revived by teammates. The games are played in a best-of-nine format, with the first team to win five matches declared the winner.

Despite its popularity in the previous Modern Warfare titles, Cyber Attack is absent in Modern Warfare 3, much to the disappointment of fans. Supporters of the mode even started a petition urging Sledgehammer Games to include it in the latest title. In response, Sledgehammer confirmed that they have heard the fans' voices and have begun working on incorporating Cyber Attack into Modern Warfare 3.


Cyber Attack's Potential Return in Modern Warfare 3

Sledgehammer Games' statement is not a confirmation of Cyber Attack's return but rather a transparent update for fans. The team did not originally plan for Cyber Attack to be part of Modern Warfare 3's game modes during development, making its implementation challenging. Currently, Modern Warfare 3 is not designed to support Cyber Attack, but this does not mean its inclusion is impossible. Sledgehammer Games assures players that once a definitive decision on the game mode's inclusion is made, they will share the update with fans.

In the meantime, fans of Cyber Attack can still enjoy playing the mode in Modern Warfare 2. Additionally, Call of Duty fans can look forward to Black Ops 6, the next installment in the franchise. Developed by Treyarch, this game is set to launch on October 25 later this year.