Warzone Players Unhappy with June 13 Playlist Update

Call of Duty: Warzone players are expressing dissatisfaction with the latest weekly playlist update, as many are eager for the return of their favorite game modes, including Resurgence Duos and Rebirth Solos. The Warzone community has been vocal on social media, hoping that future updates will reintroduce these beloved modes.

Since its release in 2020, Call of Duty: Warzone has consistently offered new maps, balance updates, content additions, and limited-time events. Currently in its fourth season, Warzone features limited-time challenges and hints related to the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 6, set to launch on October 25. Additionally, 120-player lobbies are expected to debut soon, with the Season 4 Reloaded update scheduled for the end of the month. Weekly playlist updates continue, with the most recent one released on Thursday, June 13.

Raven Software's official Twitter account announced the weekly Warzone playlist available until June 19, featuring Buy Back Royale Solos, Ranked Play Trios, Plunder Quads, and Lockdown Quads. However, players were disappointed by the absence of Resurgence Duos and Rebirth Solos. Resurgence Duos, in particular, was highly requested, as players argue that having Resurgence Solos, Trios, and Quads without Duos is illogical. Some players even mentioned on Twitter that they might wait until the next playlist update before playing again.


Community's Reaction to Playlist Changes

While many players are pleased with the inclusion of Rebirth Quads, as Rebirth Island remains a favorite map, there is a call for modes like Rebirth Quads and Buy Back Royale Solos to become permanent fixtures. However, developers aim to rotate modes regularly to keep the playlist engaging for both new and returning players.

In other news, Call of Duty series developer Treyarch has confirmed that Warzone will soon incorporate Black Ops 6's new omnidirectional movement system. A significant update is anticipated around the launch of Black Ops 6, likely bringing further changes to the playlist. More details about upcoming Warzone updates and Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 will be revealed at the Call of Duty NEXT event this August.