Sky's the Limit: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Players Take Control of Exfil Helicopters in Unexpected Bug, Turning Frustration into Aerial Thrills!

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, an unexpected bug has players taking the reins of exfil helicopters, turning a potential frustration into a joyous surprise. Despite the mystery surrounding the bug's occurrence, it has become a memorable and amusing experience for players, with some attempting to replicate it.

While navigating through Urzikstan in various vehicles is a common feature in the game, helicopters were originally intended to be off-limits during exfil. However, a peculiar bug has allowed players to assume control of the exfil helicopter, creating an unexpected twist in gameplay. The bug, highlighted in a Reddit post by user Similar_Square_3043, showcases the helicopter undergoing unusual movements, possibly triggered by the Mangler mini-boss's cannon.


The video reveals the helicopter's erratic behavior, initially tilting to the side and eventually righting itself. Surprisingly, the player gains the option to pilot the helicopter by holding the square button, providing a brief but exhilarating experience of helicopter control. The player takes the opportunity to navigate to a Mystery Box location, but as they descend, an unexpected outcome occurs—they are dropped from the helicopter, leading to their character being downed upon impact.

To add to the mystery, upon looking up, the helicopter has vanished, likely despawning as it should have left the map after the designated piloting time. Despite the brief stint as a helicopter pilot, the player seems to have thoroughly enjoyed the unexpected ability to control the exfil helicopter.

The future of helicopter piloting in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 remains uncertain, as the bug brings into question whether it will become an intentional game mechanic. While the technology exists for helicopter piloting to be properly integrated, concerns about potential overpowered gameplay, especially avoiding Zombies during Tier 3 contracts, may prompt developers to reconsider its implementation. Balancing measures, such as enemies like Manglers shooting down helicopters, could be explored to address these concerns. However, the bug's positive reception among players raises the question of whether it should remain untouched, providing a unique and entertaining element to the game.

As Treyarch plans to increase Zombie counts during exfils in a future update, it remains to be seen whether this particular bug will be noticed and patched. The player community's positive response may influence the decision to preserve this unexpected and enjoyable glitch.