Mouse Returns to EDward Gaming

Chen 'Mouse' Yu-Hao returns to EDward Gaming, with whom he has worked for a long time. This time, the ex-esportsman will take on the role of a coach in the Wild Rift squad and will help the players in a different way. The event was announced on the club's Twitter account. Note in a special way that earlier Chen Yu-Hao was not seen in Wild Rift and for him it will be a new experience.

Yu-Hao has spent most of his career at EDward Gaming and has earned a large number of honorary titles under the organization tag. Mouse's journey as an esports player began in July 2014. Then he became part of the youth roster of EDward Gaming Future and played under this tag until January 2015. At the beginning of 2015, the esportsman “got a promotion” and started playing in the first team. Almost from the very beginning, it became clear that the decision of the management to transfer the player to the main roster was correct, and in April 2015 EDward Gaming raised the LPL Spring 2015 Cup over their heads, becoming the best in this event. The following events were not the best part of Chen 'Mouse' Yu-Hao's story. He was promoted to AD Gaming in May, and returned to EDward Gaming at the end of 2015. He spent the next two years in the ranks of EDward Gaming and got a lot of interesting experience with the team and earned a lot of prizes. Among them there is a 5th-8th place in the 2016 World Championship (prize - $ 202,800), and a victory in LPL Summer 2017 (prize - $ 227,922), one of the largest leagues in League of Legends.

At the end of 2017, the management decides to sell the player to Rogue Warriors. Together with the latter, the Chinese managed to take 3rd place at the LPL Spring 2018, giving way to EDward Gaming, where Mouse used to play. After that, the esportsman won at Rift Rivals 2018: LCK vs LPL vs LMS, where he earned $ 20,000 with the team, and after taking 4th place at LPL Summer 2018 decides to end his player career. Unlike many esports players who retired from their careers, Mouse never returned to gaming. He now joined EDward Gaming as a coach. With extensive experience playing under this tag, Chen Yu-Hao can help players reach new heights, which is what the club's management hopes.

As a reminder, EDward Gaming are the reigning League of Legends world champions. They prevailed in the 2021 World Championship, beating DAMWON Gaming 3-2 in the final. The main prize was $ 489,500 out of the $ 2,225,000 raffled between 22 tournament participants.

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