KTRL Knights Introduce Their Wild Rift Team

On November 20, an announcement about the creation of an international game team from the notorious RIOT Games appeared on the social networks of the Romanian esports organization KTRL Knights.

As the organization itself writes on Twitter @wektrl:

“It's no secret that we support the mobile esports phenomenon and believe that the future of this scene is very promising. So we thought it would be very cool to have an international team with very talented players to be the edge for our knights. "

The KTRL Knights are also known to have teams in two other disciplines from the esports world - CS: GO and League of Legends. It is extremely difficult to find information about them, as well as about the players on the Internet. However, we managed to find that at the moment the esports organization is actively participating in small European tournaments, while the teams cannot boast of great achievements or cool statistics. But step by step they go to more. Perhaps we will see these Romanians on the big stage in the near future, because the guys have good ambitions.

What about Wild Rift? But with a mobile game, the situation is much more interesting. Even before the introduction of the team itself, the players were given time to play and spend some time training. Thus, on November 13, the guys played their first matches at Wild Rift EU Knockouts # 4 as part of the European The Purge tournament. KTRL Knights emerged victorious from their group, beating Turkish Sangal Esports and Natus Vincere in the final, receiving $ 150 in prize money and incredible pride in defeating one of the most famous teams.

So, let's go through the voiced composition of the team: