istanbul Wild Cats has announced a new roster for the Wild Rift team

The cybersport organization istanbul Wild Cats has presented an updated roster of its team in the mobile discipline Wild Rift. They announced this on their Twitter and, judging by the tilt, the team prepared specifically for the upcoming Meseeks Arena Cup.

After a series of unsuccessful wagering in the June and July Wild Rift Origin Series from Riot Games themselves, the organization has almost completely said goodbye to its old roster and began to experiment with new players.

The team opened their second wind by playing with the former BAL Espor members 'Orion'. Apparently, with his help and contacts with their former shooter 'Katze', the Wild Cats organization negotiated contracts with other ex as well as current BAL Espor players.

An official transfer was made on November 28. Orion and Lubunya joined as free agents, while Katze and Babaanne (Gariban) went to the cats from the aforementioned BAL Espor.

Thus, now the team is represented by four, albeit new, but already played and experienced on the professional stage, players. And from the conventional "oldies" there remained the beloved mid-range player Sympbunny. So we have the following picture of the Rift team: