New Theory About Valorant's 26th Agent: Could It Be an Alien?

Valorant has built a massive fan base since its launch, largely thanks to its diverse roster of agents. Currently, there are 25 characters divided into four classes: duelists, sentinels, controllers, and initiators. Despite the recent addition of Clove in March, fans are eagerly anticipating the next agent.

Fan Theory Suggests Alien for 26th Agent

A dedicated Valorant fan has shared an intriguing theory about the 26th agent. According to this speculation, the new agent could be an alien, potentially arriving in late summer. The theory is based on several hints observed in recent game trailers and artwork.


In the "Abyss" trailer, a cryo chamber is shown with moving hands, suggesting the presence of preserved creatures. Additionally, the Episode 9 trailer features metallic vines piercing the ground, which appear again in splash art with a galaxy backdrop—a detail that doesn't match the current episode’s theme.

Skye's voice line in the Hourglass base adds to the speculation, mentioning, "These plants aren’t indigenous to our earth," hinting that the new agent might have a plantlike structure and be extraterrestrial.

Leaks and Speculations

New Theory About Valorant's 26th Agent: Could It Be an Alien? 1

Recent leaks from Episode 9 Act 1's battle pass provide more clues. A new player card titled "In Bloom" features a silver and purple flower with vines and thorns, along with a rose symbol on a metal wall. Credible leaker @ValorLeaks shared this card, stating it could be a teaser for the next agent, codenamed “SilverThumb.”


Scenes from the Episode 9 Act 1 trailer show metal vines creeping through the ground, reinforcing the theory of a plantlike alien agent. Given that the last two agents were a Duelist and a Controller (Iso and Clove), it's possible the new agent could be a Sentinel.


While there is no official confirmation yet, these theories and leaks suggest an exciting new addition to Valorant’s agent roster. Fans eagerly await further details as the speculation continues to grow.