Fans React to Valorant's New Trailer: Excitement, Skepticism, and Cross-Platform Concerns

From neon on consoles to concerns about cross-platform play, find out what fans are saying about Valorant's newest trailer.

Valorant’s latest cinematic gameplay trailer has sparked a wave of discussions among fans, with opinions ranging from excitement to skepticism. The trailer showcases the game’s vibrant world and fast-paced action, but it also raises questions about potential features and platforms. Let’s dive into the Reddit community’s reactions and see what players are buzzing about.



Players are eager to explore Valorant on different platforms, with some hoping for a mobile release.Concerns arise about cross-platform play and the impact of console aim assist on PC matches.Some fans express disappointment over the gameplay experience shown in the trailer, citing concerns about fluidity and mechanics.

Eager for Neon on Console

Apexay101 expresses curiosity about the potential use of neon aesthetics on consoles, highlighting a desire to see how the visual style translates to different platforms.

Rumors of Valorant Mobile

Naxypoo hints at a possible mobile release for Valorant, leaving fans intrigued about the game’s expansion to new platforms.

Console Crossplay Controversy

Apatur3 voices concern about cross-platform play, specifically referencing the impact of console aim assist on PC gameplay, prompting a debate among players.

Critical Gameplay Feedback

Slyfly5 criticizes the gameplay shown in the trailer, suggesting that it lacks polish and fluidity, indicating areas that may need improvement in the final product.