A new sniper rifle has been introduced in the game Valorant

As part of patch 8.0, Riot Games introduced a new sniper rifle called the Outlaw into the game Valorant.

We hope that the new rifle will add strategic depth to Valorant. The Outlaw will fill the gap between the Marshal and Operator in terms of both effectiveness and cost. Additionally, it's worth noting that the Outlaw incorporates elements from other rifles while maintaining its own unique characteristics.

- Valorant Development Team

This medium-range weapon can fire two shots, but its main drawback is its lengthy reload time, taking 3.8 seconds. The rifle is priced at 2400 credits.

Additionally, patch 8.0 brought back the Icebox map, reworked Lotus, and removed Haven from the game. Changes were also made to two agents—Deadlock and Killjoy. The full list of alterations is available on Valorant's official website.