Case Esports introduced the updated VALORANT roster

Spanish esports organization Case Esports has unveiled an updated VALORANT roster. As a result, HearthBeat, Filu and MiniBoo have joined the team and will make their debut in the LVP - Crossfire Cup.

The first recruit of the team is HearthBeat. The 21-year-old Italian spent the last year and a half of his career with the Angry Titans, together with whom he became the champion of RUSH to Glory #6, RUSH to Glory #9 and VRL 2022 DACH: Evolution Stage 2, and also made it to the TOP-4 at VRL 2022 DACH: Evolution Stage 1 and VRL 2022: Finals.

Together with him, Filu, a former UCAM Esports Club player, joined Case Esports. Together with his former team, the young Pole took second place in the VRL 2022 Spain: Rising Stage 2.

The latest addition to the team is the MiniBoo, which has spent the first half of this year with Arctic. Here, the 17-year-old cybersportsman made it to the playoffs of VRL 2022 Spain: Rising Stage 2, and also became the MVP of the regular season of the tournament.

In turn, only in the last two weeks, the Case Esports organization said goodbye to Ambi, falltw and roxie, with whom they became the third at VRL 2022: Finals.

The debut of the updated team line-up will take place within the framework of the LVP - Crossfire Cup. The championship will begin on October 3 and will last a little over a month.

The updated roster of Case Esports in the VALORANT discipline: