bail led Northeption

Japanese esports organization Northeption has announced the appointment of bail as the head coach of their VALORANT roster. Recall that earlier the South Korean specialist headed the TNL Esports team.

bail appeared on the professional scene in the summer of 2020, leading the Quantum Strikers. After several months of successful performances, the team and the South Korean specialist moved under the wing of the TNL Esports organization, immediately taking second place in First Strike Korea.

Already in the new season, the bail-led team won VCT 2021: Korea Stage 3 Challengers and National ShotVAL Pride, and also made it to the top three at VCT 2021: Korea Stage 1 Challengers 3 and VCT 2021: Korea Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs. However, the coach and the organization parted ways at the beginning of 2021, while the club announced their retirement from the discipline. bail himself managed to light up along with Veronica7, who failed to qualify for VCT 2022: Korea Stage 1 Challengers.

Recall that Northeption was left without a coach at the end of last year, when Vorz announced his departure to ZETA DIVISION Academy.

The next tournament for bail as the head coach of Northeption will be VCT 2022: Korea Stage 1 Challengers. In the first match of the championship, the team will play with ZETA DIVISION.

From now on, the Northeption roster for VALORANT is as follows: