jfoeN and Daveeys leave Infinity Esports

Costa Rican esports organization Infinity Esports has announced its VALORANT roster changes, parting ways with jfoeN and Daveeys. In addition, the organization released the former FR1X head coach, who had been inactive since early December, from his contract.

jfoeN was the founder of the original Infinity Esports roster, formed last summer. FR1X took over the team in December 2020, while Daveeys joined the team in March 2021.

Together, jfoeN and Daveeys became the winners of VCT 2021: LAN Stage 2 Challengers 1, VCT 2021: LAN Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs, Liga Elite Valorant and ACE One Shot, and also made it to the TOP 4 at VCT 2021: Latin America Stage 2 Challengers Finals. VCT 2021: LAN Stage 3 Challengers 1 and VCT 2021: LATAM Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs.

However, the Latin American team did not manage to qualify for any international tournament, which was the reason for the organization to revise the composition. As a result, Infinity Esports sent Alejo to the bench, replacing FR1X on the coaching bridge along the way.

The current roster of Infinity Esports is as follows: