DetonatioN Gaming announced their roster for 2022

DetonatioN Gaming is a Japanese esports organization. Today I presented to the public the updated DetonatioN Gaming White by Valorant for 2022. HSK and Killer have finalized the roster.The current composition of the team is as follows:

In 2020, DetonatioN Gaming showed themselves to the maximum by taking 1st place at UTAGE VALORANT Season 1, thereby winning - $ 1,893. Then they also won several high-profile merits, for example, the 2nd place in the EDION Valorant Cup with a prize money of $ 2,843 can be allocated. And in 2021 DetonatioN Gaming took part in five tournaments without taking a single prize.So the changes in the roster are absolutely justified and obvious, we have to find out what results they can achieve in the 2022 season.