Polish Esports League becomes a partner of VALORANT Regional Circuit

The Polish Esports League has announced a three-year partnership with publisher Riot Games. As part of the agreement, the Polish Esports League will become the official organizer and partner of the VALORANT Regional Circuit, which was announced earlier this month.

According to the press release, the VALORANT Regional Circuit is a competition system that has been created and developed for emerging players looking to find their career with VALORANT. It is reported that the system will affect 20 European countries.

The VALORANT Regional Circuit will have an organized bottom-up structure, ranging from online play to full-fledged LAN tournaments with substantial prize money.

The starting point will be HUB leagues, where teams can compete for places in the weekly rankings. The best teams will be awarded a pass to the finals on a weekly basis. Moreover, through the single HUB leagues, the top five players will form a team and compete in the final.

The teams participating in the first stage will be rewarded with points. They will help players qualify for the monthly finals. From this moment on, the finals will be played off-line in one of the associated countries of the VALORANT Regional Circuit, starting with Poland. Competitions within the VALORANT Regional Circuit will be held in parts, each of which will last two months.