BELKY left Gamelanders Blue

Gamelanders Blue has officially announced its separation from BELKY. The Brazilian player has represented the team since June this year. According to the organization, the player made an independent decision to leave the team.

BELKY burst onto the professional scene in early 2021, joining Stars Horizon in May. A month later, the Brazilian went up and signed to Gamelanders Blue. For five months as part of the team, the player became the winner of Copa Rakin - Season 1 and VCT 2021: Brazil Stage 3 Challengers 1, and also reached the semifinals of VCT 2021: Brazil Stage 3 Challengers 2.

However, the Brazilian team failed to prove themselves in the VCT 2021: South America Last Chance Qualifier, taking only 3-4th place in the tournament, thereby missing VALORANT Champions 2021.

From now on, the roster of Gamelanders Blue is as follows: