UCAM Esports Club disbanded

The Spanish esports organization UCAM Esports Club has decided to disband its roster in the VALORANT discipline. The organization first entered the discipline in September 2020.

After a nondescript season, as well as a series of roster changes, UCAM Esports Club decides to get rid of its roster. The original squad was born in September last year and has since gone through many changes and setbacks. As a result, the last five were formed in May 2021, when shrew, PHYRN and Sacake joined UCAM Esports Club. The latest addition to the team was Jesse, who joined the UCAM Esports Club as a stand-in in September.

During its existence, the backbone of the team managed to take second place in the Fragleague Cup # 4 - Nordic, DeftFox Invitational, and also get into the TOP-4 in the LVP - Rising Series - Finale.

At the same time, the coaching staff, led by Aska, who had led the team since January this year, also lost their place. With him the assistant coach Sikak0 leaves the team and joined the ranks of the club in March.

The latest UCAM Esports Club roster is as follows: