Former Australs roster joins Leviatán Esports

The former Australs team member joined the Leviatán Esports organization. As a reminder, Australs decided to part with the team and retire from the discipline in early November.

Leviatán Esports includes Chilean players adverso, kiNgg, Tacolilla and Melser. Together with them, phonics joined the team, who has been the head coach of Australs since May 2021. The fifth Leviatán Esports player is vaiZ, who previously played for Meta Gaming. Interestingly, the new team did not include Capi, who remained with the top five after leaving Australs.

Note that this roster achieved significant success as part of the previous team, winning VCT 2021: LAS Stage 1 Challengers 2, VCT 2021: LATAM South Stage 1 Masters, AORUS League - LAS # 2, AORUS League - LAS # 3 and Liga Movistar - Fibra Pro Shot. At the same time, the team took second place in VCT 2021: LAS Stage 3 Challengers 1, VCT 2021: LAS Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs, VCT 2021: LATAM Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs and VCT 2021: South America Last Chance Qualifier.

The VALORANT Leviatán Esports roster is as follows: