Rocket League Season 15 Unveiled: New Map, Modes, and More Await!

Leading up to Rocket League's Season 15, a wave of new updates has surfaced, promising fans an array of exciting features and alterations not to be overlooked. With Season 14 drawing to a close, enthusiasts eagerly anticipate what Season 15 has in store, anticipating a fresh wave of enhancements to this immensely popular sports game, including novel items, a fresh map, and the revival of beloved game modes.

Despite debuting almost a decade ago, Rocket League remains an iconic multiplayer phenomenon, continuously evolving with each new update. Widely regarded as one of the finest indie games ever, it has profoundly impacted both casual and competitive sports gaming landscapes. While its initial appearance may seem whimsical and exaggerated, its deeply gratifying and demanding gameplay continues to captivate players, offering an unparalleled multiplayer sports experience. Now, developer Psyonix is poised to redefine the Rocket League encounter once more with its latest update.


This summer, Rocket League beckons players to immerse themselves in the whimsical atmosphere of Salty Fest, the game's latest seasonal update. Season 15 launches on June 5th and extends until September 4th, introducing a myriad of gameplay enhancements, notably a fresh variant of the beloved Salty Shores map. Limited-time modes (LTMs) stand out as a prominent feature in Season 15, with Eggstra Special Mode, G-Force Frenzy, and Gridiron all accessible in private, offline, and custom matches. Additionally, Season 15 enriches the selection with numerous other LTMs, such as Beach and Boomer Ball, Demolition, Speed Demon, Spike Rush, and Super Cube.

In Season 15, Psyonix elevates Rocket League's chat function by incorporating a timestamp into the chat box. This addition aims to refine in-game messages and foster tactical communication among players and teams. Auditory adjustments are also notable, particularly tweaks to demolition sounds, enhancing the clarity of destruction notifications during matches.

Following the tradition of previous season updates, Season 15 presents a Premium Rocket Pass, featuring the exclusive Nissan Fairlady Z Car Body upon purchase. This body employs the Dominus hitbox and will soon be accessible for cross-game ownership between Rocket League and Fortnite players. Furthermore, Season 15 introduces several new Tournament Rewards, including the 1D20 Topper and the Polyhedral Boost, alongside a new goal explosion named Spellbound.