Dive into Season 14 with a Splash: Discover the New AquaDome Arena and More!

Season 14 of Rocket League brings an exciting new chapter with the introduction of the revamped AquaDome Arena, offering players an ocean of customization and new content to explore. Grab the wheel of two dynamic sports cars and navigate through the currents with the latest Rocket Pass Premium.

With the purchase of Rocket Pass Premium, players are immediately rewarded with the sleek Admiral Car Body. Progressing through the tiers unlocks the swift Mako Car Body alongside a treasure trove of aquatic-themed items, including the Snorkel Mask Topper, the Scale-Veil Decal, and the mesmerizing Atlantis Goal Explosion. It’s an underwater adventure waiting to be explored.

Note: The Admiral and Mako Car Bodies feature the Dominus and Breakout hitboxes, respectively, and will soon enjoy cross-game compatibility with Fortnite, bringing even more versatility to your garage.

The deeper you delve into this season, the richer the discoveries. Are you ready to dive in?

Explore the Serene Depths of the AquaDome (Salty Shallows)

This season unveils a new twist on the beloved AquaDome Arena, situated near the tranquil coast of Salty Shores. The AquaDome (Salty Shallows) presents a shallower, more serene underwater experience, reducing the presence of apex predators and introducing a calmer ambiance with new, serene lighting. Complementing this tranquil setting is a handpicked playlist of Lofi house tunes, headlined by “Ghost” by Monstercat artist Direct, and featuring fresh tracks from a selection of artists to keep the vibes flowing.

Elevate Your Game with Rocket Pass Premium

Prepare to dive into the deep end of style and excitement with Rocket Pass Premium. This season's pass is teeming with aquatic-themed treasures:

Celebrate each goal in style with the Tidal Rave Goal Explosion or the breathtaking Atlantis Goal Explosion, alongside a bounty of over 70 tiers of rewards, blending free and Premium treasures for an ocean of possibilities.

A Laser Show Like No Other: Season 14's Tourney Rewards

While the sea's cool depths offer a refreshing escape, Season 14 heats things up with an array of laser-themed Tournament Rewards. Illuminate the AquaDome with laser ball Goal Explosions, laser beam Boosts, and laser Trails, adding a cutting-edge glow to your victories.

Season 14 promises an underwater adventure like no other, with a trove of rewards, breathtaking arenas, and endless customization. Dive in and make a splash!