The head of Twitch confirmed that the company's financial performance remains negative

The CEO of Twitch, Den Clancy, confirmed that the company continues to incur losses. He shared this information during his personal livestream, discussing the reasons behind the reduction in the company's workforce.

I'll be straight with you; currently, we are not profitable. From a decision-making perspective, it is crucial for us to ensure that Twitch has the right team size so that we can sustainably exist in the market in the long term. Our mission is extremely important. It's not only about Twitch being here today and tomorrow, but also in 50 or 100 years. Our task is to manage Twitch in a way that ensures its prosperity and preserves it for the communities that are being built.

It's important to understand that we have become larger than necessary in terms of the volume required to meet your needs. We need to manage the company based on the current level at which we find ourselves.