Unlock Exclusive Gear: Dive Into PUBG Mobile's Latest Lucky Spin for the Origin Lumen Famas Skin & More!

Tencent Games has unveiled an enticing new Lucky Spin in PUBG Mobile, packed with a trove of Mythic, Legendary, and Ultimate items, including the highly sought-after Origin Lumen Famas skin. For players ready to invest Unknown Cash (UC), the game's premium currency, these items represent some of the most coveted and visually stunning collectibles available.

Launched on March 22, 2024, at midnight UTC and running until April 23, 2024, 23:59 UTC, the Lucky Spin offers an array of exclusive items that are too good to pass up.

Highlights of the New Lucky Spin Crate:


Among the mythic items, players can find the upgradable Origin Lumen Famas skin, Development Materials, and the Origin Lumen Space Gift, all showcased in striking violet designs. The crate's Legendary tier includes the Enchanted Carpet Glider, the Origin Lumen backpack skin, an Origin Lumen emote, and the City in the Sky lobby theme. For those aiming for the pinnacle of prestige, the Ultimate tier features the complete Origin Lumen set, alongside Paint, Golden Gem, and various in-crate gem pieces.

Acquiring the Origin Lumen Famas Skin and More:

Securing items from the new Lucky Spin is straightforward. Players spend UC for a chance to win their desired items through crate spins. The initial draw each day is a bargain at 10 UC, with subsequent spins costing 60 UC each. For those looking to maximize their chances, a bundle of 10 draws is available for 540 UC.

Should luck not be on your side after numerous attempts, desired items can be directly purchased using Golden Gems in the Lucky Spin crate's Gem Exchange section.

Gem Exchange Prices:

The Gem Exchange section not only offers a direct route to acquiring the sought-after Origin Lumen Famas skin but also houses a selection of Origin Lumen equipment skins for exchange.

This new Lucky Spin crate provides a unique opportunity for PUBG Mobile players to enhance their in-game collection with rare and aesthetic items, adding both prestige and style to their gaming experience.