Game-Changer for PUBG Mobile: 120 FPS Upgrade Confirmed for Smoother, Next-Level Gameplay!

PUBG Mobile, a global favorite among mobile gamers for its seamless gameplay, is gearing up for an exciting upgrade. Tencent has officially announced that PUBG Mobile will introduce support for 120 FPS in the forthcoming Version 3.2 update. This enhancement promises to elevate the gaming experience by offering smoother gameplay than ever before.

As it stands, PUBG Mobile caps at 90 FPS, and this high frame rate is accessible only under specific conditions, such as playing on smooth graphics settings and on a limited range of devices. FPS, or frames per second, measures the frequency at which consecutive images appear on your screen, meaning that a higher FPS results in a more fluid visual experience.


PUBG Mobile employs various strategies to balance graphics quality and frame rate, aiming to deliver consistent performance while minimizing device overheating. Players often have to compromise on graphics quality to achieve a higher frame rate, a trade-off that depends largely on personal preference. However, for those aiming to compete at a professional level, opting for lower graphics to secure a smoother frame rate is generally advisable. This does not significantly hinder the ability to spot enemies but rather scales down certain visual elements, ensuring every moment is as responsive as possible.

The anticipated 120 FPS feature is set to launch with Version 3.2 of PUBG Mobile. Following the release of Version 3.1 in March and considering Tencent's pattern of bi-monthly updates, the update is expected to roll out in early May.

Although Tencent has confirmed the arrival of this feature, it is important to note that it will be compatible with select high-end smartphones only. The company has also indicated that more details regarding device compatibility will be shared in the near future.