Get Ready to Groove: PUBG Mobile's 6th Anniversary Theme Song by Jvke Drops March 21st!

Level Infinite has announced an exciting collaboration with the talented singer-songwriter Jvke for PUBG Mobile's 6th Anniversary theme song, promising a musical treat that mirrors the dynamic essence of the game. This partnership is set to celebrate PUBG Mobile's six years of success and its continuous push for fresh and engaging content for its global community.

PUBG Mobile 6th Anniversary: A Musical Celebration with Jvke


Bringing his distinctive flair and widespread popularity on social media, Jvke is poised to infuse the anniversary theme song with high energy and a sense of adventure, embodying the exhilarating experience of PUBG Mobile matches.

This collaboration not only commemorates the 6th anniversary of PUBG Mobile but also illustrates the game's ongoing efforts to offer innovative experiences to its players. Teaming up with Jvke symbolizes a fusion of gaming and music, aiming to elevate the enjoyment of fans around the world.

Set Your Reminders!

Anticipation is building for the theme song's release within PUBG Mobile on March 21st. Given the game's track record of creating immersive experiences and Jvke's musical prowess, the community is looking forward to a theme song that captures the essence of PUBG Mobile's adventurous spirit.