PUBG Global Championship 2021 participants have started their fight in Weekly Surivival!

The participants of the major PUBG championship began their struggle in the Weekly Survival stage. On this occasion, the organizers showed on their Twitter account what the opening ceremony of the event looked like.

The PUBG Global Championship 2021 began on November 19 and will end on December 19. The total prize pool of the PUBG tournament is $ 2,000,000. The championship is held in a classic format. Players in squads of four fight in FPP (First Person Perspective) matches.

The format of the PUBG championships is extremely unusual. First, 32 participants fought in the matches of the Rank Decision stage, the goal of which is to determine the seeding of the participants in the next stage. The worst team (Dignitas) went to Bottom 16, where they will have the opportunity to improve their results. The rest of the teams went to Weekly Survival, from where the best teams will advance to the next stage, Weekly Finals. Those who failed to qualify for the Weekly Finals will go to Bottom 16, where they will fight to improve their results in the standings. The best team from this list will be ranked 17th.

The top 12 teams from the Weekly Finals will advance to the Grand Finals, where they will compete for the lion's share of the prize pool. The rest of the Weekly Finals will go to Grand Survival.

If we simplify the process of holding PUBG Global Championship 2021 matches as much as possible, then the teams will play in the following stages:

Rank Decision

Weekly survival

Weekly finals

Bottom 16

(for teams that showed the worst results in the above three stages)

Grand survival

Grand finals

PUBG Global Championship 2021 Prize Pool Distribution