Overwatch 2 Player Imagines Ramattra as a Cowboy in Creative New Skin Concept

An Overwatch 2 player has created an imaginative skin concept that transforms Ramattra into a cowboy. Ramattra, the 36th hero added to Overwatch 2, enhances the roster of tanks with a character who has a significant presence in Blizzard's hero shooter universe. His debut also marked another milestone for Overwatch 2, introducing another hero from Nepal alongside Zenyatta.

Ramattra is a unique hero in Overwatch 2, boasting two forms. In his Omnic form, he protects allies with his staff, while his Nemesis form gives him extra arms and transforms him into a formidable opponent. Although Ramattra may not be a top-tier hero in the current Overwatch 2 meta, his role in the game's lore is substantial. Having fought in the Omnic Crisis as a Ravager, Ramattra becomes a Shambali monk and later leads the Null Sector, a militant group advocating for an omnic nation. Demonstrating great creativity, an Overwatch 2 player has given Ramattra a unique and striking new look.

Reddit user FinneganDice shared a new skin concept, reimagining Ramattra as a cowboy. With a large mustache and a menacing stare, Ramattra's torso features a slot machine design, complete with the number 777 emblazoned on his chest. His secondary arms incorporate classic Western elements such as playing cards, dice, and casino chips, and he carries two classic cowboy pistols on his back. The concept also showcases his Omnic form, with the staff shaped like a horseshoe and a dice in the center.


Overwatch 2 Community Praises Ramattra Cowboy Skin Concept

Other Overwatch 2 players have praised FinneganDice's work. One commenter noted that the concept reminded them of Muggshot from the Sly Cooper series. Another player expressed a desire to see a Western-themed Overwatch 2 season, with heroes like Moira, Reaper, and Mauga receiving skins in this style. Additionally, one player suggested adding a battle pass with a Western theme, featuring new Mythic skins for Ashe and Cassidy.

This isn't the first time FinneganDice has received acclaim from the Overwatch 2 community for a skin concept. Previously, they imagined Zenyatta as a bubble gum machine. With their new artwork, FinneganDice elevates Ramattra's original design by incorporating clever references and creating an eye-catching look. The concept includes both regular and shiny versions of the cowboy-themed Ramattra, showcasing an idea that has the potential to become a high-tier skin.