Limited Time Offer: Legendary Azure Flame Hanzo Skin in Overwatch 2

For a limited time, Overwatch 2 players can obtain the Legendary Azure Flame Hanzo skin and other accessories based on the popular hero. The new skin will be available leading up to the first in-person Overwatch Champions Series event near the end of the month.

Despite the controversies surrounding Overwatch 2's launch, the game has been highly successful, drawing millions of players worldwide. Like the original Overwatch game, Blizzard supports Overwatch 2 with a steady stream of seasonal content, updates, and new cosmetics. These cosmetics, including skins, allow players to customize their favorite heroes and add a personal touch before heading into battle. Overwatch 2's Mythic skins are some of the most coveted, so players were frustrated when Blizzard temporarily disabled these cosmetics due to strange bugs affecting online play. Mythic skins are available again in Overwatch 2, and players should be able to acquire the new Azure Flame Hanzo skin without any issues.

Blizzard confirmed that the new paid Azure Flame Hanzo skin is available from May 21 to June 3 in Overwatch 2. The skin is part of the Azure Flame Hanzo Crowdfunding Bundle, with 25% of the revenue generated from sales going into the prize pool for the Overwatch Champions SeriesDreamHack Dallas Major event, taking place from May 31 to June 2. Like past Overwatch 2 bundles, the new Azure Flame Hanzo bundle includes additional accessories, such as the Azure Moon name card, Azure Flame player icon, Azure Guardian spray, and Dragon Guardian weapon charm.

Blizzard Reveals Azure Flame Hanzo Crowdfunding Bundle

Limited Time Offer: Legendary Azure Flame Hanzo Skin in Overwatch 2 1
Limited Time Offer: Legendary Azure Flame Hanzo Skin in Overwatch 2 2

Available from May 21 to June 3


According to Blizzard, the new Azure Flame Hanzo skin is meant to "evoke the unstoppable power of our top-tier competitors." Skin designer TB Choi focused on making players feel "powerful" with the skin equipped in Overwatch 2, and natural lightning, thunder, storm, and flame motifs were the main inspirations for the new skin. The skin may aesthetically empower players in Overwatch 2 competitive modes, but even casual players can enjoy the new skin.

Overwatch 2 players interested in the upcoming Overwatch Champions Series Esports event can also earn various rewards by tuning in on Twitch and YouTube. Twitch and YouTube users watching the event can earn free in-game rewards such as the Dallas Major - Day player icon, Rodeo Ashe spray, Porsche Drift spray, and OWCS Home weapon charm by accumulating up to 12 hours of watch time. These rewards can also be earned by watching featured co-streamers, similar to Overwatch 2's recent Twitch Drops campaign.