Bastion's Bowl of Fun: Overwatch 2 Unveils Rikimaru Ramen Skin with a Forkful of Humor

The Overwatch 2 character Bastion has recently been adorned with a whimsical new skin called Rikimaru Ramen, catching the attention of players with its detailed and humorous design. Overwatch 2, which launched in 2022, has maintained a strong presence in the gaming community, supported by an active player base and Blizzard's partnerships with various brands across different sectors. These collaborations have enabled the design team to experiment with innovative and engaging skin concepts, like Bastion's latest look.

A Reddit user, Calm-Key2837, highlighted a particular detail of this skin on the r/Overwatch subreddit, showcasing Bastion's repair arm cleverly shaped like a plastic fork, tying in with the skin's instant noodle cup theme. Although Bastion's Self-Repair ability has been removed in Overwatch 2, making the repair arm functionally obsolete, it still appears in his waving animation. This touch reflects the design team's commitment to thematic consistency and attention to detail.


The Rikimaru Ramen skin was introduced in Season 9 of Overwatch 2 in February 2024. It has received mixed reactions from the community. The skin diverges from the season's predominant eldritch horror theme, drawing both admiration for its uniqueness and confusion due to Bastion's modified abilities. Despite this, the skin stands out as a testament to Blizzard's creative direction.

Blizzard continues to tweak and refine Overwatch 2, as evidenced by the upcoming midseason update. This update will adjust the new DPS passive ability, which currently decreases the healing received by targets, and will introduce buffs for several heroes. These ongoing adjustments indicate Blizzard's dedication to balancing gameplay and maintaining the game's dynamic nature. The community is eagerly watching to see how these changes will impact the overall game experience.