4 heroes removed from ranked matches in 21th competitive season of Overwatch

In the first season with the use of rotations, such heroes as Orisa, May, Hanzo and Batista were hit. Relevant information appeared in the game.

Jeff Kaplan, vice president of Blizzard Entertainment, previously talked about the concept of a “hero pool” in Overwatch. He will have to help diversify the game and disable established meta, as well as make players come up with new strategies. This will significantly increase the degree of fun and unpredictability of what is happening on the screen. Now Blizzard has moved from theory to practice, and in the 21st season 4 previously mentioned heroes were banned.

Developers will try to ban heroes more than once every 2 weeks. As for the roles that come under attack, one tank, one support, and two DPC heroes will regularly disappear from the list of characters to be selected. Players will be able to prepare for the upcoming changes thanks to the "Laboratory" mode, which has been added to the game. From time to time, it will appear next to the competitive mode and quick play. There, players will be able to try out a new meta before introducing updates to a competitive match. In the "Laboratory" mode, special achievements will be available to them.