Riot Takes a Creative Turn to Prevent Skin Leaks in League of Legends

Traditionally, Riot Games would conduct surveys before each season to gather player input on potential skin concepts, offering fans a glimpse into what might grace Summoner's Rift. Notably, leaks of these skin concepts have been a common occurrence in previous years, leading to early speculation and excitement among the player base – who could forget the quirky furry Lux and Yasuo skin concepts?

This year, Riot's skins team decided to take a more innovative approach to prevent leaks and keep the element of surprise intact.

LoL: Mood Boards Replace Traditional Skin Concepts

Riot Takes a Creative Turn to Prevent Skin Leaks in League of Legends 1

Year after year, intriguing skin concepts found their way into the public domain, often manifesting as official releases on Summoner's Rift. For instance, the Inkshadow skin from last year had initially surfaced as a concept in player surveys conducted by Riot.

Among the leaked skin concepts, Primal Lux and Yasuo became particularly infamous. It's important to note that these champions serve as placeholders in concept art, and the final skins may be assigned to different champions altogether.


To curb leaks this time around, Riot has chosen to replace traditional concept art with mood boards when seeking player input on potential skins. This innovative approach maintains the essence and theme of a skin line without revealing too much about its visual details.

The mood boards have inevitably found their way online, and players now have the opportunity to explore these creative concepts. The designs include intriguing ideas such as one reminiscent of Chainsaw Man and other gore shōnen anime. Additionally, there's a black and green-themed concept that exudes toxic vibes, sparking curiosity about the potential skins it might represent.

As the League of Legends community delves into these mood boards, the guessing game begins to identify which concepts will ultimately materialize into skins in Season 14. Riot's creative shift adds an element of mystery and excitement, keeping players on their toes as they eagerly await the upcoming skin releases.