Under Siege: League of Legends Faces Escalating Threat as High ELO Play is Ravaged by Rampant Scripting and Game-Exploiting Tools

League of Legends scripting, a practice that automates gameplay elements like dodging skill shots or optimizing abilities, is eroding the competitive spirit of the game. This not only diminishes the skill required to excel but also frustrates players who dedicate time and effort to refining their abilities.

Recent reports reveal a surge in scripting issues, particularly in high ELO play, as highlighted by Kerberos, a prominent top laner on EU West. Kerberos emphasized the severity of the problem, stating that "EUW Highelo is completely infested with scripters" and lamenting the prevalence of a new exploit known as the "Lobby Crash."

The "Lobby Crash" tool, explained by a scripter in Kerberos' Twitch chat, allows cheaters to crash the game lobby without facing penalties like lost League Points (LP) or time delays. This exploit raises concerns about a potential vulnerability in the game's client system, posing a serious threat to its integrity.


In a stream clip, Kerberos revealed a conversation with a scripter who detailed how the Lobby Crash tool works. The scripter admitted to playing over 2,100 games last season while using scripts and never facing consequences.

This surge in scripting not only disrupts the gaming experience but jeopardizes the competitive integrity of League of Legends. High ELO players, including professionals reliant on the game for their livelihood, find themselves competing in an environment tainted by unfair practices.

The community is calling on Riot Games to urgently address this issue. As scripting and exploits like the Lobby Crash tool evolve, there is a pressing need for robust countermeasures. The competitive balance and reputation of the game are hanging in the balance, putting Riot's ability to maintain a fair playing field to the test and challenging the community's trust.