DAMWON Gaming changed their roster

Yesterday in a Twitter post, South Korean club DWG KIA announced the addition of new player “Hoya” to the roster. The team very warmly greeted the young athlete, emphasizing the diligence and dedication that did not leave him throughout the qualifications. While the newly arrived toplainer will not be in the main line-up, for the first time Noah will watch the matches from the bench.

With one “tweet” DWG decided not to limit themselves in the inside format and introduced to their Instagram community a new sports director of the organization, which turned out to be “kkOma”, who headed the first DAMWON Gaming roster. On such an exciting note, it seemed worth ending the stream of news feeds, but the Koreans thought quite differently: the post continued with a small reshuffle, as a result of which “Deany” moved from the post of analyst to the role of head coach.

We hope the roster will justify itself and will surprise at every opportunity.

Now the official roster looks like this: